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Our Approach at the Law Office of Rabin & Rabin Co., L.P.A.

If you have fallen behind on your financial obligations and are experiencing harassment from creditors, from the endless calls or letters to legal action, a bankruptcy filing can stop creditor harassment and help you get a fresh start. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you determine the best approach.

At the law office of Rabin & Rabin Co., L.P.A., we bring over 30 years of bankruptcy law experience to individuals and businesses across northeast Ohio. We are lawyers with a strong commitment to communication and personal service. We will always keep you fully informed of the developments in your case, as well as your options moving forward, so that you can make wise decisions that protect your interests.

In most cases, we offer free initial consultation to individuals who are contemplating filing for bankruptcy. Contact our office or call us at 216-539-8131 (toll-free at 888-335-1861) to set up an appointment.

Our Approach

We understand the stress and anxiety that come with bankruptcy filings. We will work with you throughout the process, from the decision to file through meetings or hearings with creditors or the Court, through to the completion of your bankruptcy. We will help you determine whether you qualify to permanently discharge your debts under Chapter 7 or whether your best option is to seek to reorganize and pay part or all of your debt under Chapter 13.

If you qualify for protection under Chapter 7, we will make certain that you understand which debts can be discharged before you file, such as credit card debt, so that you get the relief you need. We will also advise you as to which of your assets, such as IRAs, are exempt from any bankruptcy court action and whether you can keep you house and car which in many cases is possible.

If you file for protection under Chapter 13, we will draft a reorganization plan to submit to the Court and your creditors advising you what items you will pay directly and what items will be paid through the plan.

Our Fees

For a Chapter 7, we normally charge a flat fee for our services. We will provide you with a quote once we have a full understanding of the details of your case. For a Chapter 13, we will charge a retainer before filing, with remaining fees to be paid through the plan.

Contact Rabin & Rabin Co., L.P.A.

To set up a meeting, contact us or call us at 216-539-8131 (toll-free at 888-335-1861). All initial consultations are free for consumer bankruptcy matters. Our office is located in downtown Cleveland, with plenty of parking nearby.

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